iPhone 4 home frame replacement

iPhone 4 home frame replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 60
  • Cost (Tax incl) 74.4
  • Repair Time 50 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

The home frame of your iPhone is exposed, like some other parts of the device, to the tear and wear caused by the intensive daily use over time.

What exactly is the home frame?

It is the metal frame of the iPhone, which secures to correctly hold all the other components. Therefore, it is a component that plays important role in the smooth operation of your device.

Damage description:

After a period of use the home frame can be scratched or warped. It is also possible to tilt it if you accidentally drop the device even if you do not break the LCD or the digitizer.


To repair such damage is necessary to replace the home frame. It is a repair we regularly perform in our laboratories. We ensure the correct operation of your device.

Come to our closest store:

Our technicians experienced in iPhone repair, are at your disposal to test your device. Then we will inform you about the damage as well as if a repair is needed. If you agree, we will proceed to the iPhone 4 home frame replacement. During the repair we will replace the entire base of the iPhone 4, where all the parts fit. For this repair, as we do for all our repairs, we use new and durable OEM spare parts, which are fully compatible with your device. Important detail: we will replace the worn part as soon as possible, to avoid your deprivation of you valuable device.

Come directly to us for a quick and professional repair, always offered at the most competitive prices.