iPhone 3GS LCD screen replacement

iPhone 3GS LCD screen replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 32
  • Cost (Tax incl) 39.68
  • Repair Time 15 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

Unfortunately intensive use of the iPhone 3GS can result to hit it somewhere or throw it down, causing a crack, breakage and generally damage the LCD screen.

What exactly is the LCD screen?

The LCD screen is the display of your device, which is distinguished from the digitizer and the glass cover.

LCD screen damage indications:

  • Ink spots
  • Lines and marks appear on the screen
  • The screen is all white or very dark
  • There is digital noise

If you notice some of the above symptoms, then it is almost certain that you should seek the appropriate iPhone 3GS LCD screen replacement. It is a necessary repair, as without the function of LCD screen you will no longer be able to properly use your device.


In our stores we perform iPhone 3GS LCD screen replacement directly and effectively. Our certified and experienced in iPhone repair technicians will make sure to restore the damage quickly and correctly.

Specifically, to replace the LCD screen is not required to simultaneously replace the digitizer, since they are separate parts. Our technicians will check your device and will inform you of the required work.

After we have your consent, we will immediately replace the broken part. Specifically, we will place in your device a new and high quality LCD screen replacement, which is fully compatible with your device. About our prices, you will not find such quality service at the competitive prices we offer you

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Do not waste time: make an appointment or send us your device in one of our labs. Our experienced technicians will complete the guaranteed iPhone 3GS LCD screen replacement in the minimum time possible. We will quickly return you your favorite iPhone 3GS as functional as when it was brand new.