iPhone 3G LCD case home frame repair (bezel)

iPhone 3G LCD case home frame repair (bezel)

Repair details

Overtime use of the iPhone 3G is likely to cause wear to its metal bezel.

What exactly is the bezel?

This accessory is the frame that holds the glass cover and the liquid crystal display (LCD) of your device in place. It also holds the sensor cable that has the earspeaker mounted on it.

Damage indications

In case of bezel damage, you will notice either that this part has become loose, or that it is broken or cracked. Then it is appropriate to seek immediate bezel repair, as it is important to protect the screen and the smooth operation of your device.


This damage is easily restored in our laboratories. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in iPhone repair and are available to control your device and confirm its damage. Then, if you agree, we will proceed to repair your iPhone's bezel.

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During bezel repair we will install in your device a new replacement, high quality and fully compatible with it (OEM). We will carry out the repair quickly and correctly and we will deliver you a functional and aesthetically flawless device.

As for the cost, we offer our services always at the best prices. You should also know that the damage is usually accompanied by some other damage, so in case of α combination of repairs we will offer you a discount.