iPhone Repair Service

Why choose iRed?

iRed, with branches in different regions of Attica, is the most up-to-date repair center in Greece for iPhone repair. We have managed excel by paying attention to the following points.


Our large repair capability is primarily based on the sufficient number of qualified and experienced in iPhone repair, electronic technicians. All of them own a diploma in Electronics and are selected with strict criteria. Additionally we are constantly updated with the latest technology developments.

Diagnose / Repair:

The first check, of the devices that are brought to us, is always carried out thoroughly to identify the damage with absolute precision. A second diagnostic test takes place after the completion of the repair. That makes us confident that the repaired devices are returned to you fully functional, as brand new.

OEM spare parts:

We achieve high percentage of successful repairs due to our experienced and trained technicians, but also as a result of the spare parts we use. These are always new, high quality and fully compatible with your device.

Rapid Repair:

We offer you the fast and efficient repairs that any iPhone user would ask. That makes it possible to have your smartphone in your disposal as quickly as possible.