iPad mini silent button repair

iPad mini silent button repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 33
  • Cost (Tax incl) 40.92
  • Repair Time 4 hours
  • Repair Warranty 5 years

Daily and continually iPad mini use happens for a reason; the device's great functionality. However there is always the possibility of a silent button damage that can cause you some problems.

What exactly is the silent button?

The silent button plays a double role in the function of the iPad mini. The first one is to mute the device, especially useful for the times and places where you do not want to disturb others with your notifications and alarms. The second one is to lock the screen in the direction you desire.

Damage indications:

If you accidentally dropped your device or the button has suffered tear and wear, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • Breaking
  • Scratches
  • Cracking

Do not worry though, since the iPad mini silent button repair is a task we perform in our stores.


Our technicians are experienced and specialized in iPad mini repair, they will carry out a check of your device and will inform you about the damage and if it is necessary to repair the iPad mini silent button. After we confirm the damage we will inform you and if you agree we can to proceed with the appropriate repair.

Come to our closest store:

Do not waste time. iPad mini silent button repair is performed in our stores. We always use high quality OEM spare parts, which are durable and compatible with your device. We always ensure excellent long lasting results. You will receive your device working flawlessly as new.

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