iPad mini 2 Retina screen repair

iPad mini 2 Retina screen repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 88
  • Cost (Tax incl) 109.12
  • Repair Time 4 hours
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

iPad mini 2 retina display replacement

The most impressive mini tablet of the market is Apple’s iPad mini 2, it has excellent features as its parts are top in quality. The most impressive feature definitely is its high quality retina display, which unfortunately can be damaged easily by a fall and replacement of iPad mini 2 retina display would be needed.

What exactly is iPad mini 2 retina display?

iPad mini 2 retina display is an internal display presenting the graphic environment of the excellent tablet. According to Apple, high pixel density is one of retina display characteristics. It is not possible to observe the pixels of the display from the average distance thus demonstrating the top quality of the image.

Failure indications:

It is easy to notice failure of the display as it is one of the main device’s elements. Few of the most common display’s failure indications are:

  • Cracking or breakage
  • Ink leakage
  • Geometric shapes and lines
  • White or black “veil” covering the display

If you confront similar problems, replacement of retina iPad mini 2 display, will be necessary.


Repair of the damage is done by replacing retina iPad mini 2 display, it is necessary to install a new quality retina display, this repair is very demanding operation as iPad mini 2 is one of the most advanced tablet devices. Apart from professional technicians, high quality replacement parts and very careful work is required.

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