iPad mini 2 rear cover repair

iPad mini 2 rear cover repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 90
  • Cost (Tax incl) 111.6
  • Repair Time 6 hours
  • Repair Warranty 5 years

The iPad mini 2 is one of the best small tablets. Even though it has a practical size, it also has an excellent retina display and an equal value and performance with larger sized Apple tablets.

It is logical that your device gets intensive use daily. It is also possible that the device falls or gets hit and as a result the rear cover can be damaged.

Symptoms of damage

Observe the back of your iPad and see if you can find any of the following symptoms of injury:

  • Distortion
  • Crack
  • Abruption
  • Detriment

Such symptoms show you that your iPad mini 2 need a rear cover repair.

Solving the problem

The failure of the rear cover is very important and not only because ot aesthetics.

If the back is bent, it is likely to create an opening to the back. This will create two problems. The first is that it increases the risk of screen’s damage. The second danger comes from the dust and moisture that will enter the interior of the device, through the opening.

Come to ired shops

Experienced technicians will undertake the removal of the damaged rear cover and put an new one in its place.

The OEM parts we use stand out for their quality, their durability as well as their appearance. They are perfectly compatible with your device and offer the ideal results in any iPad mini 2 rear cover repair.

Ired offer you rear cover repair for the iPad mini 2 in the most competitive price of the market. The new rear cover of your device will make your beloved iPad look like new, with excellent appearance.