iPad mini 2 GPS antenna repair

iPad mini 2 GPS antenna repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 55
  • Cost (Tax incl) 68.2
  • Repair Time 4 hours
  • Repair Warranty 5 years

Your favorite device, iPad mini 2, has many functions.

One of these is the ability to use the GPS. GPS is a navigation system that uses satellites. The iPad mini 2 has a GPS signal transceiver and can be connected to satellites. This antenna supports the operation of the navigation app.

In case of failure of the GPS antenna, you will encounter difficulties with its operation.

Symptoms of damage

In case of GPS failure, you will experience the following malfunctions:

  • You won’t see your exact location
  • You won’t be able to plan a route
  • The GPS app doesn’t work
  • You cannot connect to the GPS satellites

Malfunctions like these are very important as they reduce the use of GPS. It is likely that you need an iPad mini 2 GPS antenna repair.


It is important that the diagnosis must be made by expert technicians. We always take into account your comments. But the confirmation of the damage can only be established after completing the diagnostic test.

After that, we will inform you of the outcome. If we detect a GPS antenna damage, we will suggest a repair. You will receive full information about the cost, the duration and the repair process.

Come to one of the ired laboratories

We are at your disposal for a qualitative and guaranteed iPad mini 2 repair. Our long-term and continuous presence in iPad repairs allows us to offer you top service at great prices.

In the ired shops, we have constructed special workshops. The design, the materials, the equipment and our tools are appropriate and necessary for the efficient iPad mini 2 GPS antenna repair.