iPad mini 2 digitizer repair

iPad mini 2 digitizer repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 62
  • Cost (Tax incl) 76.88
  • Repair Time 4 hours
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

iPad mini 2 digitizer replacement

The most advanced mini tablet is our favorite iPad mini 2, it has excellent features and has nothing to be jealous of "bigger" iPad. One of the most impressive characteristics of the device is the quality touch screen. It is enough only with one bump to cause a damage to the touchscreen and replacement of the iPad mini 2 touchscreen (digitizer) will be required.

What exactly is the digitizer?

Your favorite iPad needs a sensitive touch screen it has; this part is called a digitizer. Your touch on the external screen is being converted to a digital command for your device. If the device drops down or receives a bump, it can be damaged and use of the device might be impossible without replacement of iPad mini 2 touchscreen (digitizer).

Failure indications:

It is easy to notice a damage of touchscreen as the usage of the screen is main mean of managing an iPad. Few of the most common malfunctions in case of damaged touchscreen are following:

  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Breakage or cracking
  • The device automatically accepts random commands
  • The touch does not function throughout the entire screen

In order to restore the malfunctions of the device, the replacement of iPad mini 2 touchscreen (digitizer) will be required.


The touchscreen is one of the parts which can be successfully replaced. High quality OEM replacement touchscreen parts, digitizers, guaranteeing flawless functioning of your device, are available at our stores. In order for the replacement of the iPad mini 2 touchscreen (digitizer) to be done, an opening of your device is required. After completing the repair, the device will be sealed back.

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