Water damaged iPad Air repair

Water damaged iPad Air repair

Repair details

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
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iPad Air is one of the most efficient and reliable devices. One of the most unfortunate damage scenarios is that of a wet device. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position to experience a similar damage, follow the instructions below:

Directions of immediate reaction:

  • Turn off your device
  • Wipe out any liquid
  • Wrap your iPad in absorbent paper
  • Do not use heat to dry the device, as this may cause overheating.

If the accident was done with sea water, do not hesitate to rinse the device in fresh water and then follow the previous steps.

When you have followed the instructions above, bring or send us your device for professional treatment of the lesion.

The risk of oxidation

In the case of a wet device you need immediate water damaged iPad Air repair. If you do not remove the moisture from the inside of the device, you run the risk of motherboard oxidation. Oxidation is nothing but a chemical reaction between the particles of the liquid and the metal parts of your device. The result of oxidation is deterioration of important parts of your iPad.

We expect you at our nearest workshop

Our experience and our specialized tools, assist us to offer you the best possible water damaged iPad Air repair. To counteract the damage we have to open the device. The liquids will be removed and we will make use of the high-power ultrasonic device for intervention at the molecular level, where the root of the problem exists. After that we will clean any debris and control the device's proper operation.

Water damaged iPad Air repair cost

Ired has fixed prices for all its services. Water damaged iPad Air repair does not constitute an exception. There are two different situations that you may encounter during water damaged iPad Air repair.

  • Successful repair, with timely response.
  • Successful repair by using spare parts.

The cost of water damaged iPad Air repair is calculated according to the above cases. The sooner we have the device in our hands the more likely to achieve a timely repair without the use of spare parts.