iPad Air digitizer repair

iPad Air digitizer repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 75
  • Cost (Tax incl) 93
  • Repair Time 6 hours
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

iPad Air touchscreen (digitizer) replacement

Pad Air is one of the top tablets; it has large touch screen and minimum thickness. It is light and comfortable to transfer and to use. The basic way of using the device is the available touchscreen, which can be damaged by natural deterioration or by a fall or a blow.

What exactly is a digitizer?

A digitizer is a touch screen. By using the technology an external screen converts your touch to the commands for your device. This part is called digitizer as it converts a touch to a digital form of information (digital signal). Without correct functioning the use of the device is very difficult or impossible.

Indications of damage:

  • The touchscreen does not respond to the touch
  • Few areas of the touchscreen does not function
  • An iPad functions randomly
  • There are visible signs of breakage, cracking or scratches.

If you experience similar problems, replacement of the touchscreen iPad Air will be required.


In order to restore the damage, a repair of an iPad Air is required. This touchscreen iPad Air replacement operation is demanding as it requires to open and to seal the device. This process must be done at the suitable environment and by experienced technicians who have technical knowledge and skills.

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All our laboratories are equipped with newest technology tools. Even our workbenches, being used for repairing the devices, are specifically constructed for maximum possible safety.

Our technicians, the part of our team, are operating for years at the repair field and are specialized at the repair of iPad. The results of each touchscreen (digitizer) iPad Air replacement are impressive, which allows us to offer you high quality and guaranteed services at the best available current market price.