iPad Air battery replacement

iPad Air battery replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 60
  • Cost (Tax incl) 74.4
  • Repair Time 4 hours
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

The excellent iPad Air has amazing features. One of the most important is the duration of its battery. This lets you use the device for long and consecutive periods of time. Of course over time the battery performance will begin to decline and it is likely to need an iPad Air battery replacement.

Malfunction description

The battery of your device, provides the necessary electricity for its operation. iPad's Air battery is extremely efficient, however it is common to lose its capacity after the first year of use.

Symptoms of malfunction

The most common way to realize the damage of the battery is to observe changes on its performance. Some of the most common signs of damage are the following:

  • Low battery life
  • Unexpected discharges
  • It is impossible to charge the battery

It is very likely that you experience similar problems after the first year of your iPad's use. It is expected and you will need to have an iPad Air battery replacement to regain the original high performance of the device.


To troubleshoot the failure of the battery you will need to replace the iPad's Air battery. To perform it the device has to get opened and many components have to get detached to gain access to the battery. Once we complete the replacement, the device must be assembled and sealed again.

The above process is quite demanding, but our experienced technicians can perform it successfully and effectively. Our expertise in iPad repair service allows us to complete even the most complex tasks.

Come to the nearest ired store

One of our professional technicians will accommodate you and take care of your device. Once we receive the device we will test it to ascertain the condition of the battery and the status of your iPad as an extended. If you need iPad Air battery replacement, we will use new high quality OEM spare parts and your device will function like new.