iPad Air Repair Service

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iPad is the market' s most successful tablet. iPad Air is about to continue the success of Apple. The features of the tablet are excellent: 9, 7" inches display with a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels and a high level processor. The extremely thin frame of the iPad Air makes it special and impressive.

iPad Air can do any operation required and the its portability allows you to have it with you through the day. Due to constant use it might suffer damage from natural deterioration or a blow. In case of damage, iPad Air Repair will be required.

We are waiting for you at any iRed store!

We are at your disposal for quick and effective service; our specialized technicians will successfully complete the required repair of any iPad Air.

Our personnel is well trained and highly experienced in iPad repair, we have technicians specialized in Apple's devices allowing us to offer you the highest quality technical support:

  • iPad Air retina display replacement
  • iPad Air touchscreen (digitizer) repair
  • Retina & digitizer replacement
  • iPad Air battery replacement

iPad Air Repair is not an easy task due to the design of the device and its internal structure, which makes every repair complicated. Our experienced technicians have the required knowledge and skills to successfully complete even the most complicated cases.

Come to our nearest store

If you cannot come to our stores, all you have to do is to send us your damaged device by courier. The procedures of iPad Air repair we follow are exactly the same as when you visit our stores.

Initially, diagnose or confirmation of the damage you mentioned will be set by a technician. Afterwards, we will inform you about the condition of the device and the desirable solution.

iRed offers you high level service at exceptional prices, while our spare parts are always high quality, OEM, ideal for every repair.