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iPad Air 2 retina screen replacement

iPad Air 2 retina screen replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 175
  • Cost (Tax incl) 217
  • Repair Time 6 hours
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

Visit an ired store or send us your device ,via courier, free of charge.

What is an iPad Air 2 retina screen

One of the most impressive features of the iPad Air 2 is the extremely sensitive and special retina screen. It is slim and elegant but most importantly it has a special layer to reduce reflection. It has 1536χ2048 resolution and 9,7 inches screen size.

Indications of fault

If this amazing screen gets damaged through a blow or a fall,you will notice from the symptoms below:

  • Burned pixels
  • Ink spots will appear on your screen
  • Geometrical forms will appear on your screen, altering the picture.
  • White or black screen

If you notice any of the above you will be in need of an iPad Air 2 retina screen replacement.


The ired solution is to replace your damaged screen with a new one. This way your iPad Air 2 will be restored to its former condition. The repair must follow tight security measures because the device must be opened to make such a replacement.

Trust only the ired specialists to make an guaranteed iPad Air 2 retina screen replacement.

Visit the closest ired lab

Our labs are equipped with all the necessary tools to be able to accommodate any iPad Air 2 repair.Our repairs are always done with the maximum safety and speed.

Our technical team is experienced in any iPad repair and it expands its knowledge to keep up to date with any new device that comes out as time passes by.

You will not be disappointed neither by the cost or the replacement parts used during the repair.We have the best prices and parts in the market.