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iPad Air 2 frontal camera( FaceTime) repair

iPad Air 2 frontal camera( FaceTime) repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 60
  • Cost (Tax incl) 74.4
  • Repair Time 4 hours
  • Repair Warranty 5 years

If you cannot visit one of our labs then you can send us your device,via courier, free of charge throughout Greece.

Indications of fault

The frontal camera of the iPad Air 2 is HD and includes a sensor that makes FaceTime calls better, even in low light. In case of fault , this camera may malfunction.

Some of the symptoms that might occur,are listed below :

  • Frontal camera malfunctioning
  • Physical wear or damage from a fall
  • Low quality on photos and video
  • Facetime app cannot start
  • When you try to start facetime, a black screen appears

If you notice any of the above then you are in need of an iPad Air 2 frontal camera(FaceTime) repair.


Visit an ired store. An experienced technician will handle the repair of your iPad Air 2 frontal camera. To begin with he will run a diagnostic test on your device,if it is found damaged, he will inform you about the cost and time of the repair and if you agree, he will proceed to fix it.

We wait for you in your closest ired lab

Every replacement part needed, is available in the ired stores. All our parts are chosen for their quality, effectiveness and resilience. Their quality allows us to offer warranty with each repair.

Our labs are equipped with every necessary tool,to make our repairs fast and safe.

Visit the closest ired store to help you deal with any problem you encounter to your favourite iPad Air 2.