iPad 4 rear cover repair

iPad 4 rear cover repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 94
  • Cost (Tax incl) 116.56
  • Repair Time 2 days
  • Repair Warranty 5 years

iPad 4 has amazing design but unfortunately you cannot avoid the wear and tear of its rear cover. Over time continual iPad 4 use increases the possibility of an accident such as a fall or a blow that can break or crack the rear cover.

Damage indications:

Therefore, if you find that the back of your device:

  • has scratches or dents
  • has cracks
  • or is broken

then you need an iPad 4 rear cover repair. You must take care of this immediately, since otherwise there is a possibility to have the back of the device bent, which can leave some space open for the intrusion of dust and moisture in your device.


This damage can be repaired, since it is possible to replace the particular component. Undoubtedly it is required to pay special attention to where you trust the repair of your expensive iPad. Since this repair requires dismantling of almost all parts of the iPad 4, attention, responsibility and expertise are also needed.

Come to our nearest store:

In our stores you will find professional and experienced electronic technicians, who will take immediate care for the proper repair of you device. We will thoroughly check your device and you will be informed about the duration and the cost of repair. If you agree, we will take immediate action to restore the damage, to quickly return you the valuable iPad 4. To repair the iPad's 4 rear cover we will install in your device a brand new OEM spare part, for guaranteed results.

As for our prices we offer you this guaranteed service at the most competitive market prices.