iPad 3 motherboard repair

iPad 3 motherboard repair

Repair details

For a direct and professional iPad 3 motherboard repair, fast and guaranteed, visit one of our modern ired labs in Attica.

If you cannot visit us in person, you can still send us your device free of charge, via courier, throughout Greece.

If you notice that your iPad 3 has sustained motherboard damage, don't rush to the conclusion that the damage is irreparable. The specialists of ired can save your device quickly and effectively.

We offer:

  • Direct service by licensed electronics
  • Power check in 24 points before and after the repair
  • Safe removal of the damaged parts
  • Excellent installation of the new parts of the motherboard on your iPad 3
  • Warranty

Indications of fault

It is hard not to notice that your motherboard is damaged. There are many signs that you can look for.

The most common are listed here:

  • The motherboard’ s socket is broken.
  • The device cannot be switched on or is overheating.
  • Even after replacing the charging cradle the device cannot be charged.
  • The LCD screen remains blank even after replacing it
  • Inability to access the wireless network.
  • Inability to access GSM signal.
  • The camera is not working, even after replacing it
  • The Home button and/or the microphone are not responding.

If you find any of these signs on your device then you will definitely need an iPad 3 motherboard repair.


A damage on your motherboard is very hard to repair, but it is not irreparable.

In ired we specialise in the repair of Apple devices. Our technical department has all the necessary experience and expertise to repair any damage on your motherboard.

Visit an ired store

Don’ t hesitate. Visit your closest ired store and trust your device to the experienced hands of our technicians.

When we return your device to you, it will be just as good as new.