iPad 1 SIM card reader repair

iPad 1 SIM card reader repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 55
  • Cost (Tax incl) 68.2
  • Repair Time 2 days
  • Repair Warranty 5 years

When you insert your SIM card to its slot, you activate the SIM card reader mechanism. It reads information which is saved on the SIM card. These can be your contacts or even necessary settings and information about the 3G network.

Damage indications:

The SIM card reader is very sensitive. Any pressure to it can cause permanent damage. Common symptoms of SIM card reader damage:

  • Cannot access 3G network
  • Cannot see or edit your contacts
  • Appears an error message on the screen; "No SIM card Installed"

In this case you will need SIM card reader repair.


Firstly we should ensure that the damage is on the SIM card reader. We will use another SIM card to your device or you can try your card to another device to ensure that it functions properly.

If nevertheless malfunctions persist, the only thing you can do is to repair your SIM card reader. The efficiency of SIM card reader repair is guaranteed, because in these repair we replace the damaged component with a new high quality OEM spare part.

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It is impossible to repair the SIM card reader immediately, as 3G connection is one of the vital features of your device.