iPad 1 motherboard repair

iPad 1 motherboard repair

Repair details

One of the most serious faults that your iPad device can sustain is a faulty motherboard because it can render it dysfunctional.

Do not worry though, the damage is not irreparable as you may believe.


The motherboard or logicboard is the most important circuit of your iPad 1. It includes the main processor, the central memory and many other subsystems.

As you can clearly understand, the motherboard plays a very important part in the function of your device.

Indications of fault

When your motherboard is damaged, your iPad 1 functionality will decrease or it will not work at all.

You will notice that your motherboard has sustained some damage if you see any of the following symptoms:

  • The motherboard’s socket is broken.
  • The device cannot be switched on or is overheating.
  • Even after replacing the charging cradle the device cannot be charged.
  • The LCD screen remains blank even after replacing it.
  • Inability to access the wireless network.
  • Inability to access GSM signal.
  • The camera is not working,even after replacing it.
  • The Home button and/or the microphone are not responding.

If you notice any of the above symptoms on your device then you will definitely need an iPad 1 motherboard repair.


Due to the difficulty of a repair on your motherboard, you must only trust very experienced technicians to go through with it.

In the ired stores we have the necessary expertise and specialisation to conduct any repair on your motherboard.

Whatever problem your motherboard sustains, be it a damaged chip, coil or diode, we will locate it and then proceed to replace it with a new one.

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Our labs are equipped in order to make all our repairs safe and fast, which is the goal we always achieve in ired.

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