iPad 1 home button cable repair

iPad 1 home button cable repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 33
  • Cost (Tax incl) 40.92
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

The home button of your iPad is the most important button of your device. You can perform many actions by simply pressing it. Of course over time it can get worn due to intensive use.

If your home button cable gets damaged, you will face many problems which will make difficult the use of the device. You will not be able to control opening and closing of your applications simply by pressing the home button or you will not have access to the shortcuts you have set for this home button.

Damage indications

If your home button cable gets damaged the malfunctions you will face are:

  • Home button does not work at all
  • You have to exert excessive pressure
  • Home button's function is periodic

In these cases we clearly distinguish home button damage. To make it function again you should repair the iPad's 1 home button cable. The damage is detected to the internal mechanism which is under the home button.


To repair the damage, we have to replace the iPad's home button cable. This repair requires access on the interior of the device. It should be dismantled to replace the damaged mechanism with a new spare part.

Come to any iRed store:

Our technicians have the experience to identify the damage. If the iPad's 1 home button cable repair is necessary, we can repair it immediately.

You should know that iPad 1 home button cable repair, although it is not a difficult repair, requires experience and knowledge. This happens because during iPad 1 home button cable repair we have to dismantle the device and detach its screen, to gain access to the damaged mechanism.

iRed has chosen the best OEM spare parts. Their high quality and excellent technical features ensure the desired results in every iPad 1 home button cable repair.