iPad Repair Service

iPad repair by ired's experienced technicians!

iRed is the repair center that is always one step ahead in iPad repair. And most importantly, offer nationwide coverage to the Apple's tablet users. We support our success and the clear preference of our customers in our major strengths, which we have won with great effort and care in this direction and are summarized as follows:

Technical Staff:

Our ability to quickly and correctly repair a large number of iPads every day is based first and foremost on the sufficient number of qualified and experienced in iPad repair technicians. Our technical staff has passed through strict selection criteria, which ensures the correct result of the services we provide. Furthermore, we constantly get informed about the technological developments on new iPads.

Diagnosis / repair:

Our first concern when we receive your device is the diagnostic test, which allows us to pinpoint the damage. After the repair, a second iPad's control takes place. This double check ensures that we always return a device that works as when you purchased it.

OEM spare parts:

Our successful repairs are not based only on our experienced and licensed technicians, but as well as on the spare parts we use: these are always new OEM spare parts of high quality and of course fully compatible with your device.


We carry out our repairs quickly for your convenience. We do not want you to be deprived of your beloved device.

Guaranteed results:

Our work is always proper, that's why we not hesitate to provide you a warranty, which has certainly contributed to the high position in which iRed ranks in your preferences.


Reliability is one more of the iRed's strengths. Specifically, we successfully deal with the simplest to the most complex damages. E.g. we carry out motherboard repair and water damaged iPad repair. This is possible because our labs are equipped with all the technological equipment necessary to complete these tasks.

Nationwide service:

One of our key strengths is the nationwide service we provide. You can bring us or send us your device from anywhere in Greece you, for immediate and effective service.

Contact us:

iRed considers communication with the client highly important. We inform you about the exact status of your device, the damage and the necessary iPad repair. We simultaneously inform you about the process we follow to restore the damage and we take action as soon as we have your consent.

Affordable prices:

You will not find anywhere else iRed's combination of quality work and affordable prices. Our prices are always among the most competitive in the market.