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iMac MS Windows installation

iMac MS Windows installation

Repair details

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
  • Repair Time 1-2 days
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The most successful operating system in the field of personal computers is certainly Microsoft's Windows OS. Windows OS has the lion's share of the market of computers and laptops.

Benefits of iMac MS Windows installation

Although Mac OS X has increased its market share, the market is full of Windows applications. Especially in business, Microsoft's dominance is a given. This does not forbid you to purchase an iMac that offers amazing design and exceptional performance, which you can combine with Windows, having access to all available applications and countless games.

iMac MS Windows installation details

There are two ways to perform iMac MS Windows installation:

  1. In the first case we do parallel installation of Windows OS to the Mac OS X. At the start of the system you will be asked to select which of the two systems you wish to boot.
  2. The second way to install Windows on iMac, is to use a special virtualization program. This program allows us to run Windows from within the Mac OS X GUI.

In both cases, iMac will function like a conventional desktop PC of high performance.

Come directly at one of the iRed stores

Our expert technicians will analyze your system. After you tell us which are your needs and why you want to install Windows OS on iMac, we will suggest best setup for you. We will perform the necessary configuration to achieve the best possible result.

Do not delay. Take the opportunity to have an affordable and successful installation of Windows OS on iMac. The result will be as if you bought a new computer with Microsoft Windows OS.