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iMac screen replacement

iMac screen replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) Ask us
  • Repair Time 1-2 days
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

iMac screen replacement

The outstanding design of the iMac allows the condensation of an entire computer system behind your large screen. The iMac's screen is really very useful; no matter which it is the main use of the computer. In case of screen damage you will encounter many problems in your iMac's daily use.

Problems due to iMac screen damage

In case of damage you will notice the following problems:

  • Reduced contrast and color performance.
  • Lack of clarity.
  • Slow screen response.
  • Signs of breaking or cracking.
  • Defective pixels.
  • Ink spots on the screen.

This damage can occur after a screen's blow, due to manufacturing defect or after some other physical damage of the screen. The solution in every case comes with iMac screen damage.

Procedure of iMac screen damage

  • The procedure to replace the iMac's screen is always a quick and high quality service:
  • The damage should be checked by our experts, to determine its magnitude.
  • Then depending on the screen size (20 ", 21.5", 24 ", 27") and its type (LCD, LED) we will propose you the best solution.

It is certain that you will need iMac screen damage to restore the damage.

Come directly to one of the ired stores

Our expert technicians will carefully remove the old damaged screen.

Then we will install your brand new iMac screen.

Our spare parts are always durable OEM of high quality and efficiency. We have noticed that they always give the excellent and desired outcome.

After the completion of the procedure of iMac screen damage, before we return it to you, we always perform a general functionality control of your iMac, only to confirm the repair's success.