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iMac Remote Support Services

iMac Remote Support Services

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 30
  • Cost (Tax incl) 37.2
  • Repair Time 1-2 hrs
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

iMac remote support service can be provided directly to every iMac user whenever he needs it.

What is iMac remote support service?

It is a total of technical support services we can offer remotely to professionals as well as to individuals. The services are offered online in real time.

If you encounter any problem with your iMac and you need immediate support, you have to contact ired's technicians.

The process is simple and direct:

  • Chat with an expert technician.
  • Give us the necessary authorization to access your system.
  • We get connected via the internet to your computer.
  • We complete the tasks required to resolve your problems.
  • We will make the appropriate configurations needed for the proper function of the iMac.

During our work you can watch all the process from your computer's screen.

Some of the most common remote support services are:

  • OS issues restoration
  • E-mail account management
  • System optimization
  • HDD Backup
  • Data transfer
  • Recovery of lost passwords

Reasons to choose iMac remote support service

All these tasks can be performed in any of the iRed's stores. However, with remote support you receive immediate technical support wherever you are, at an affordable price.

In summary the benefits of iMac remote support service are the following:

  • Direct technical support.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Absolute security using encryption of 32 characters.

iMac remote support service is very helpful especially for professionals who require constant proper operation of their iMac. You will need to be away from your workplace to come in one of our stores or wait until the technician arrives at your business.