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iMac Memory Upgrade

iMac Memory Upgrade

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 15
  • Cost (Tax incl) 18.6
  • Repair Time 15 minutes
  • Repair Warranty 3 months

iMac RAM memory upgrade

iMac's RAM memory is a key component to the functioning and performance of the system. Along with the processor and the hard drive, RAM memory is the main feature of a computer.

What is RAM memory?

The RAM memory or otherwise random access memory is the main memory of your system. Any application you use gets loaded to it, which allows direct access to the data at very high speeds. The only disadvantage of this memory is the continuous power supply it requires for data retention.

What leads us to iMac RAM memory upgrade?

If you notice the following issues, it is likely you need an iMac RAM memory upgrade:

  • Under-performing
  • Delayed software opening.
  • Delay when switching applications.
  • Difficulty in multitasking.

How much RAM memory do you need?

  • For a simple use of the iMac and to complete simple procedures, such as surfing the internet, you will not need more than 4 GB of memory.
  • For a more intense use of the iMac, to make sure that the memory is enough for your needs, 8 GB of RAM should be sufficient.
  • If you have more demands on your system and use specialized applications, you should consider taking advantage of the best possible RAM memory upgrade from at least 16 GB and more, according to your system and your budget.

iMac RAM memory upgrade procedure

When we want to upgrade a system, usually our first choice is to upgrade it RAM memory. This is no accident, as RAM memory upgrade has the following advantages:

  • Immediate difference in performance.
  • Wide range of available spare parts.
  • Low cost upgrade.

Come directly to one of the ired stores

Our experienced technicians will analyze your system and suggest you the best solution according to your needs. You will select one of the available options and we will perform the effective iMac RAM memory upgrade.