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iMac Cooling System replacement

iMac Cooling System replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) Ask us
  • Repair Time 1 st day
  • Repair Warranty 3 months

Operation of the Cooling System

The cooling system is inside the iMac. The role of this system is to maintain the temperature of the iMac in permissive degrees. This is done by exploiting the ambient air. The only disadvantage of this system is the input of various residues inside the computer that eventually reduce its efficiency.

iMac cooling system damage indications

Cooling system damage will result in overheating of the iMac, which will cause in the following issues:

  • Random reboots or shut down of the system.
  • Reduced computer performance.
  • Freezes and crashes.
  • Noise during iMac's operation.

iMac cooling system damage causes

The damage is usually caused by the following:

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Placing iMac near heat, which causes depletion of the cooling system.
  • Accumulation of dust and debris inside the iMac.
  • Blockage of airways.

iMac cooling system damage troubleshooting

The procedure of the repair is always the following:

  • We open the iMac and notice the volume of the accumulated debris.
  • We check the operation of the cooling system.
  • We inform you about the situation and the potential for a successful repair.
  • We proceed to replace the iMac's cooling system.
  • We recheck the system to confirm its proper operation.

Come directly at one of the ired stores

Our expert technicians are at your disposal. The spare parts we use are always OEM of high quality, performance and durability. All our repairs are characterized by great success.

You can bring us your iMac to any of our stores or, if you do not have free time, you can send it by courier. In both cases you will receive immediate information on the status of the iMac and the progress of the repair.