Huawei P20 Pro USB port Repair

Huawei P20 Pro USB port Repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 50
  • Cost (Tax incl) 62
  • Repair Time 1 day
  • Repair Warranty 6 months

USB Port repair in Huawei P20 Pro

Get direct and affordable repair of the Huawei P20 Pro USB port by visiting one ired store. Trust our dedicated technicians for a guaranteed result.

The most reliable electronics service in Greece, the ired, offers you the best and most qualitative low-cost charging port repair.

There are many times when a drop of the device on the ground or a wrong move, such as trying to put the charging cable in the slot incorrectly, can cause significant malfunctions in the USB port. To make sure the charging port is actually experiencing a problem, you should notice one of the following:

  • The computer does not detect the device
  • The cable does not make good contact and the charging is interrupted
  • The device is slow to charge
  • Charging becomes impossible

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should contact us for a prompt repair of the Huawei P20 Pro USB port.

Huawei P20 Pro USB Port Repair

A problem with your device's USB port may be a major obstacle to your everyday life. Through the USB port, our device is getting charged and simultaneously receives and sends data to and from a computer.

Initially you should visit one of the ired stores. There you will find an experienced technician, who will take care of you. After examining your device at the specially configured repair center and confirming that the charging port is experiencing a malfunction, he will inform you about the time and cost of repairing the Huawei P20 Pro USB port. After getting your approval, he will take care of replacing the problematic USB port with a top quality replacement part.

Team of top technicians

Every professional repair is carried out by professional technicians with many years of experience. Being confident about the result and quality of the parts we use, we guarantee you a good operation after every Huawei P20 Pro USB port repair.

Visit ired

We are waiting for you as soon as possible on an ired store. Visit us and take advantage of our preferential prices and the top services we offer. If you can not bring us your device, you can send it to us via the courier service and completely free of charge.

Contact us via phone or Live Chat. We are ready to answer to any questions you might have about the Huawei P20 Pro USB port repair.