Huawei Honor 9 Screen repair

Huawei Honor 9 Screen repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 59
  • Cost (Tax incl) 73.16
  • Repair Time 2 hours
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

Screen repair in Huawei Honor 9

Get immediate and effective repair of Huawei Honor 9 screen by experienced technicians in ired electronic repairs workshops. Find your nearest store.

At ired we provide Huawei Honor 9 screen repair usually on the same day, as we take care to ensure the continued availability of spare parts.

The Huawei Honor 9 features a 5.15-inch LCD screen with unique colors for a great user and viewing experience. However, a drop of the device could have negative effects on the screen.

Indications of failure

To confirm that your device screen needs replacement, you should notice some of the following:

  • Break on screen
  • Crack on screen
  • Black ink spots on the screen
  • Touch screen malfunction

If you notice any of the above, you probably need a Huawei Honor 9 screen repair.

Steps to address the failure

As soon as you realize that your device's screen does not work properly, all you have to do is go directly to an ired store, where our experienced and skilled staff will take care of checking your device in every detail. Once we're sure the problem is on the screen, the next step is to let you know the cost and the time we'll need to complete the process. After your own consent, we will continue with the Huawei Honor 9 screen repair.

In detail, the repair process is as follows:

  • Check the device in 24 points
  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Removing the malfunctioning screen with absolute security
  • Install the new screen
  • Check the device to confirm its smooth operation
  • Warranty of smooth function

Visit us

Visit as soon as possible, the closest to you ired store. We are at your disposal to assist you whenever you wish. If you can not get in person at our store, please send us your device completely free of charge with our Courier service.

For more details about the Huawei Honor 9 screen repair you can call us or send us a message via Live Chat.