Huawei Repair Service

What can we do for your Huawei device

Find immediate repair for your Huawei smartphone by the experienced technicians of the ired laboratories. Come to the ired for guaranteed repairs on the same day, in just a few hours!

Why you should prefer us

Ired is the most reputable repair center in Greece. We are established at the top of our category and we have changed the spirit of the market by offering quality services at great prices.

Direct technical support

Our team of technicians is at your disposal to offer you immediate responses, but mostly solutions, in Huawei devices’ repair. You can visit one of our stores and find on-site services. If you want immediate support call us at our call center or send us a message to Live Chat or our email.

Repair on the same day

Another one innovation that you will find only in the ired laboratories is the same day repairs. We know how important is for you to have the  Huawei device immediately available after the repair. We take care to offer our services the same day, in just a few hours. Call us for more details.

Guaranteed result

All Huawei repair work is covered by warranty. We always choose the best materials on the market, giving priority to original materials available. The result of our work is always based in quality. The team of our technicians takes care of completing each Huawei repair work with care.

Free shipping and delivery all over Greece

If you do not have the possibility to visit any of our stores, we offer you the option to send us your device via courier. We will complete the Huawei repair successfully and we will return your device at no extra charge.

Affordable prices

Huawei's repair at the ired laboratories is offered at the best prices on the market. There is no corresponding quality and speed in the Greek market.

Come to the nearest ired store

So, do not delay to find the closest to you ired store in order to visit us. If you need a Huawei repair we will serve you on the spot and you will get your device in excellent condition after a few hours.