HTC One M9 repair

Guaranteed and low cost HTC One M9 repair from our experienced technicians, in one of our stores in Attica or by sending us your favourite device, through courier.

Reliable HTC One M9 repair

Your device may start to malfunction as a result of heavy usage or because of an accident. If you are in need of a HTC One M9 repair, the ires stores are next to you to help you.

Some of the services tha we offer are listed below:

  • Broken HTC One M9 screen
  • HTC One M9 Battery replacement
  • Wet HTC M9 repair
  • HTC One M9 motherboard repair
  • HTC One M9 USB port replacement

Experienced technical team

The technicians of ired have many years of experience in electronic devices repairs and are fully certified. Their many years of experience and and expertise are the reason why they are capable of making any repair on your HTC One M9.

High quality replacement parts

We want all the replacement parts that we use to be effective and durable. That is why we have chosen to use only the very best replacement parts of the market. Our goal is that after every repair we make, your HTC One M9, will be as goos as new.

Free transportation

If you are not able to visit one of our stores, we have arranged to offer you free transportation, by the courier company we are collaborating with, wherever you are in Greece. Our transportation is always fast and safe.

Repair process

To begin with, we will run a diagnostic test by one of our technicians to confirm the damage on your HTC One M9. Then he will personally inform you about the status of your device and with your consent he will proceed to make the repair.

After the conclusion of the repair, we will rerun the test, covering 24 points, just to make sure that your HTC One M9 is flawless.