HTC One M7 repair

Reliable and with a competitive price HTC One M7 repair from the experienced technicians of ired. Visit one of our stores in Attica or send us your device free of charge throughout Greece.

Guaranteed HTC One M7 repair

In ired we offer you effective solutions for every HTC One M7 fault you have sustained. We can restore your device from damages caused either from an accident or from daily usage.

To be more precise, we can offer you solution to the most complicated problems that your device can face. A few such examples are listed below:

  • Broken HTC One M7 screen
  • HTC One M7 Battery replacement
  • Wet HTC M7 repair
  • HTC One M7 motherboard repair
  • HTC One M7 USB port replacement

Experienced technical team

The technical department of ired is fully capable of completing the repairs listed above and of course a lot more. All our technicians are certified and experienced electricians. They can repair your device, from even the most difficult damages.

High quality replacement parts

We have managed to acquire the best replacement parts of the market, for th repair of your HTC One M7. We know that the quality of the replacement parts can guarantee the best results in the repair of your favourite device, as you do. Are repairs always aim to be effective and with duration.

Free transportation

If you cannot come by one of our stores, we are able to offer you our support wherever you are, by arranging free transportation of your device, by courier. All the transportation from and towards are quick and safe.

Contact us

We are at your disposal to guide you and help you with any question you may have on the repair process of your HTC One M7. You can contact us by telephone or begin a live chat with one of our experts.