Game Console Repair

Gaming machines and gaming consoles repair

In ired laboratories, we can offer a solution to any problem your console / gaming machine has. We specialize in repairing electronic equipment and we can identify and successfully solve every problem of your game machine. Typically, the console’s games come in the form of discs and the consoles themselves are connected to a TV so as to view the graphics. Of course, there are also several popular portable consoles with built-in screens.

Has your favorite console showed any signs of malfunction? Are you tired of the constant freezing of discs and toys, the damaged keys and the overheating of the console? You don’t have to stand the operational problems of your console not even for one more day. ired is at your side so as to offer you a solution.

We are capable of repairing a wide range of gaming consoles. We use our leading expertise and all the necessary professional equipment to offer top quality service.

Return to the game!

Come to one of our stores so that you can be served from one of our expert technicians. We will complete the diagnosis and repair of the damage process as soon as possible. After the effective repair of your console, you can return to your favorite games.

So if you have damaged your game machine, there is no reason to panic, please contact us so that we can offer you fast, efficient and affordable repair consoles. We offer damage solutions to all the popular consoles such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Some of the most common repairs are:

  1. Hard Drive Replacement
  2. Disc / BluRay Drive replacement
  3. Broken screen replacement
  4. Graphics Card Repair
  5. Motherboard repair
  6. Connectivity problems repairs: WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet
  7. Firmware reset, upgrade and installation

Why to choose us

Guaranteed Repair

The work that we offer is always accompanied by a guarantee so that you can be sure of the reliability and success of our services.

Service from all over Greece

You can send us your device from all over Greece. We will offer you a guaranteed gaming console repair, as effectively and quickly as if you had visited one of our workshops.

Specialized Technicians

We have started to repair consoles from the first day of ired laboratories launch and since then we have offered a solution to countless cases of damage. Contact us or visit one of our stores so that we can offer you our services.