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Send your device to us for FREE from all over Greece.

We will repair it and bring it back to you!

ired performs direct and quick repair of your device. Specifically, we can repair any damage within 24 hours. We provide you the opportunity to send us your device from any part of Greece you reside. The offer is about iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Tablet devices. Minimum cost of technical diagnostic check: 10€ (incl. taxes)

Contact us

1. Contact us: +30 211 212 0400

For any damage of your device please contact us at +30 211 212 0400. Describe your device's symptoms to our technicians and they will diagnose the problem/damage immediately. Then we will inform you about the cost of the repair (invoice or receipt).

Device packing

2. Device packing:

To receive your device without it suffering further damage, it is important to pack it properly. It is preferable to place it in the box you bought it, if you still have it. Do not forget to write on the package your name, address, zip code and your phone number. Also note the repair that your device probably needs.

Send us the device

3. Send us the device:

Contact the nearest to you Geniki taxydromiki store. Mention them that the recipient will cover the costs. Send us your device.

Address details:

Emporiko kentro Aithrio (Store: I5)
Agiou Konstantinou 40, 15124 Maroussi, Attica

Geniki taxydromiki Postal code: AK46 2216
(The above code directly displays our data)

Κόστος Επισκευής

4. Cost of repair:

As soon as we receive your device, we make the necessary investigations to diagnose its damage. Then we will inform you about the cost of the repair. Payment can be completed by bank deposit or to Geniki taxydromiki when you receive the device.

Bank accounts:

IBAN: GR7002606440000680200130972

Alpha Bank
IBAN: GR0601403400340002002001644

Παραλαβή συσκευής

5. Quick Shipping:

As already mentioned, we will complete our work within 24 hours and you will receive your device as soon as possible via courier.