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PC hard drive data recovery

PC hard drive data recovery

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 50-150
  • Cost (Tax incl) 62
  • Repair Time 1-5 days
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

PC hard drive data recovery

Accidental deletion of data is a common issue. Especially if you have no back up files, it is very likely to lose the only copy you have. However, even in this case iRed's technicians can give you a solution.

Be careful! Do not make any changes to your file system and do not try to perform the recovery yourself, as you might permanently delete any traces of your data.

Serious injuries that require hard disk data recovery:

A worn hard drive can allow partial function of your system, but you will be unable to access your files, as they would appear as corrupted.

The failure of the hard drive may be more serious and even result in making your computer inoperative. The BIOS does not recognize the hard drive and loading the operating system is impossible.

Causes of failure:

  • Electronic or mechanical failure of the hard disk. The experience of iRed's technicians allows them to open up the hard drive with special tools and make data recovery.
  • Application error. In this occasion the user can have important files accidentally deleted by an application error.

After recovering the lost data from your hard drive, if it has no damage we can restore your files on it. In case you need to replace the hard drive we will transfer your data to your new hard drive. Additionally if you want we can copy your retrieved data to any optical media.

Procedure of successful hard drive data recovery

If you unluckily lose your important data directly contact our experts.

Come directly at your closest iRed store

One of our certified technicians will take care of your hard drive data recovery. The hard disk will be tested to determine the extent of the damage as well as the amount of the files that can be recovered. We have specialized equipment and the necessary knowledge to achieve data recovery even in the most difficult cases.
Note: If data loss was a result of a hard disk format, you must store no data on the disk or perform any change at all, as it can make date recovery from difficult to impossible.