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PC cooling system replacement

PC cooling system replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) Ask us
  • Repair Time 1-2 days
  • Repair Warranty 1 year

What is the cooling system?

The most precious parts of your hardware are located inside your tower. When the computer runs continuously its temperature starts increasing. The cooling system is the component which maintains the temperature inside the computer at normal levels. If there is any damage you should replace the cooling system.

How can the damage be recognized?

The indications of a faulty cooling system are easy to be recognized by any PC user:

  • Arbitrary power off.
  • PC performance gets lowered overtime.
  • The computer "crashes" or "freezes".
  • The temperature of the tower is significantly high.
  • The fan does not operate.
  • Noise is generated when the fan works.
  • The cooling system does not work at all.

How to avoid damage

To avoid replacing the cooling system you need to have carefully placed your tower at a suitable position. A computer near a radiator it is normal to get very warm.

Furthermore, dust and various other materials can be trapped in the computer and cause clogging of the cooling system. You should regularly clean your tower’s interior, to remove all materials that accumulate inside it.

Another tip to avoid cooling system replacement is to have the tower placed near surfaces that might block the inlet or outlet openings. Still, the computer should not be covered with various materials that can close the vents when it works.

Procedure of PC Cooling System replacement

Our technicians are available to assist you immediately. We will diagnose the fault and inform you about the available options.

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PC Cooling System replacement is not a time-consuming process. If you wish, we can even clean the interior of your computer to avoid any similar damage in the future.