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PC antivirus installation

PC antivirus installation

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PC antivirus installation

Viruses are specially designed pieces of code that are designed to harm our system. Usually their ultimate goal is to steal important electronic information. There are malicious programs of many kinds, but the most common are the following three kinds:

  • Spyware: Designed to steal passwords and data. The usual targets are users of electronic banking services.
  • Worm: Very prevalent form of virus that exploits security holes in networks and easily invades from computer to computer.
  • Trojan horse: These are usually hidden inside programs and files, and while appearing as harmless, can significantly harm your system.

How do viruses invade?

If you have not installed antivirus software, then you are constantly exposed to the attacks of malicious attack by:

  • Email
  • Infected files that you download from the internet
  • Visit to a page designed for malicious attacks
  • Internet browsing without noticing
  • Macros hidden in plain office files
  • Mass storage devices
  • Optical disks

The lack of an antivirus installation lets them operate freely within your system and cause the following problems:

  • Hacking of important passwords, information and data
  • Email scams
  • Loss, theft and destruction of files
  • Lower the Pc's performance
  • Antivirus installation

To avoid the unpleasant consequences of an attack by malicious software, you should install antivirus software. If until now you have not faced any invasion on your system, the odds are against you as new viruses appear every day, not to mention the numerous existing ones.

By installing antivirus you will secure yourself from the following phenomena:

  • E-mail malicious attack
  • Pop-up windows, signs and advertisements
  • Electronic Scams
  • Invasion of third parties in your system
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It is never too late to install antivirus software. Our experienced technicians will help you select the right antivirus program for your system.