Computer Repair Service

Computer Repair Service

The PC, desktop computer, is an essential tool for work or leisure time. Thanks to its high technical features you can perform anything with great comfort and reliability: use programs and edit data that is important to you, be entertained and browse the web. One of the main advantages of the desktop computer is its high successful repair rate as well as the ability to upgrade it, to follow up technological developments and adapt it to your specific needs. That is the key point which outweighs laptops.

iRed is the repair center that rises steadily in public preferences, we provide excellent services regarding PC damage repair or update. Difficult and serious repairs such as replacing the hard drive or the graphics card, processor upgrade, RAM incensement, software and applications update are provided fast with reliability by iRed, to make your PC better than new. Our goal is a functional desktop, which will fully meet your requirements.

iRed Remote support

iRed provides you remote support and PC repair. As it is not easy to transfer your desktop computer, you can use the expertise of our trained and experienced technicians, who will restore any impairment (e.g. removing viruses, installing programs and peripherals, back up etc) of your PC remotely via the Internet. Thanks to our remote support services, you save valuable time and of course money, while our technicians are constantly at your side for whatever problem arises.

OEM spare parts at the best prices

In iRed we always care for the best regarding your computer. For this purpose we always use quality parts when it comes to hardware repair. What does this mean? Each PC repair is done exclusively with OEM spare parts, which are perfectly compatible with your computer and have guaranteed quality. Thus we ensure that after each repair, your computer will work again flawlessly, like new.

What about the cost?

Our spare parts and reliable PC repair are offered at amazing prices, comparable to which you will not find elsewhere.

Nationwide coverage

One of iRed's advantages is of course the national coverage it provides. How is this done? Beyond remote support services, which have no natural geographical boundaries, we also provide you the opportunity, if it is not feasible for you to bring your computer in one of iRed stores, to send it to us via courier without any expense. We will diagnose the problem as soon as we receive your PC, we will contact you and send it back after the completion of the necessary repairs and our established diagnostic tests, which ensure the good result of our work.